Vacancies on the Courts

Obstruction for obstruction’s sake – that’s what is happening in the Senate when it comes to President Obama’s judicial nominees. A diverse group of qualified nominees have waited an average of 100 days since they were approved — most unanimously — by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Under the last President, the average wait was fewer than 30 days between committee action and a vote in the full Senate.

There are three other vacancies that don’t even have nominees. Texas courts are in a state of emergency right now. It is time for politics and obstructionist games to stop. With your help, Rodney James Gilstrap was confirmed to be United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas. David Guaderrama and Jeffrey Costa are still awaiting confirmation and are stuck in a bureaucratic web.

The Senate will soon bring pending nominees to the floor; but, there is one more high hurdle before these men and women can get a simple “yes” or “no” vote: senators must vote to end the filibusters that are delaying votes.

Urge our senators to stop the obstruction. Tell them to vote to end the filibusters and allow an up or down vote on these judicial nominees.

Tell Senators Cornyn and Hutchison to end the obstructionism and demand their nominees get a vote.

These courts hear appeals on social security, decide employment cases, settle complex immigration issues and determine individuals’ constitutional rights. When we don’t have enough judges to hear these important cases people and business owners have to wait years before they receive important rulings.

We need Guaderrama and Costa, highly qualified judicial nominees, and more like them, so we can stop delaying justice in Texas. The American people deserve a fair and functioning judiciary.

Thank you for taking action.